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ZCQB-C Intelligent Inflator

  • ZCQB-C
Shenyang Aviation Feida Machinery Automation Co., Ltd.
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Contact Person:LOU WEI
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Address:Yongqiang Industrial Park, Baishan Road, Yuhong District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China
  • Company Name:Shenyang Aviation Feida Machinery Automation Co., Ltd.
  • Company Mode:Manufacturing
  • Country:China
  • Post Time:February 16,2019
  • Expiry Date: August 15,2019
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Detailed Product Description:

ZCQB-CDouble-glazed Intelligent Inflator (4 access,Export-oriented)

Brand:Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Processing Thickness Range: unlimited
Technical Parameter:
Voltage:AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz
(CustomizableAC110V 50Hz/60Hz)
Air Pressure:0.1MPa
Ambient Temperature:0-40℃
Inflation speed of equipment:48L/min(12L×4=48L/min)
Equipment Size:460*400*300mm
Equipment Weight:15Kg
Model Number:ZCQB-C

Equipment Functions:
1. It is possible to operate four hollow glass cavities simultaneously with argon or other inert gas.
2. The equipment can set the content (concentration) of argon gas filled into the hollow glass as needed.
3. The device detects and displays and controls the argon content inside the hollow glass in real time.
4. When the set content is reached, the automatic stop of the inflation (automatically record the current inflation time), and the alarm prompts, the end of the inflation.
5. The equipment has two kinds of argon-filled control modes: content control and timing control.
6. The timed inflation can be set according to the argon-filled argon gas to set the inflation time, and the inflation time is automatically stopped when the set inflation time is reached. At the same time, the alarm prompts that the inflation is over.

Equipment adaptation range:
Aluminum strip hollow glass, rubber strip hollow glass, warm edge strip hollow glass, inlaid hollow glass, decorative strip hollow glass. Hollow glass built-in blinds
Equipment Features:
Export-oriented:ZCQB-C Double-glazed Intelligent Inflator (4 access)

Characteristic of inflator:
1.By using the famous Schneider leakage protector to make the product safer!
2.SIE core control guarantees the stability of work!
3.Compared to the traditional inflator,ZCQB-Z inflator can reach twice the inflatable speed of the traditional inflator , and the inflatable speed is faster!
4.Inflator can inflate and detect accurately to save argon. The cost of making hollow glass is reduced.
5.With real-time calibration function, the sensor and measurement system are calibrated to ensure the measurement accuracy.
6.Inflators use long-life sensors, sensor life is more than doubled, sensor replacement cycle is prolonged, and more economical!
7. This equipment has high automation and simple operation.
8. This device is portable and easy to carry and can be used on the construction site.
Advantages: Safe, fast, accurate, long sensor life, accuracy inflation and more gas-saving!

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